Thursday, December 14, 2017

GSS Energy - Strikes Oil Deal

GSS Energy strikes oil, to start production next year

GSS Energy, a precision engineering firm newly venturing into oil exploration, has struck oil and gas in the Trembul field in Indonesia.

The group hopes, through its subsidiary, to produce some 200 barrels of oil per day (bpd) by the third quarter of next year, and to start gas production by the fourth quarter of 2018.

GSS announced on Wednesday that it has completed the first phase of drilling on its first well SGT-01 in the Trembul operating area in Central Java. "We were originally focused on oil, but to our surprise we also discovered gas," its chief executive officer Sydney Yeung told The Business Times in an interview.

Pertamina had in November last year given PT Sarana GSS Trembul (PT SGT) - a 49:51 joint venture between GSS and a commercial vehicle by the Central Java provincial government, PT Sarana Pembangunan Jawa Tengah - an award to produce oil and gas from Trembul for 15 years.

The area, which is 47.6 sq km in size, is estimated to have about 24.3 million barrels of contingent resources up to 800 metres, according to an independent report in 2015. No estimate has been done beyond 800 metres.

In the drilling of the first well, the group has reached a total depth of 1,255 metres and found eight layers of hydrocarbon-bearing sandstone reservoirs. Two of them are gas zones, which contain 1P recoverable reserve of 8.49 billion cubic feet of sweet gas. The six oil zones contain 1P recoverable reserve of 2.83 million barrels, according to preliminary in-house estimates.

Indonesian state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina, which owns the oilfield, has allowed GSS Energy to start monetising two of these, at depths of 863-869 metres and 910-915 metres respectively.

The discovery of oil and gas in this well has also led the firm to re-evaluate existing data for another well, called P1, that is one kilometre away,

The well, previously drilled by Pertamina in 2005, was plugged and abandoned earlier because of "data misinterpretation", GSS's Indonesian general manager Bambang Mulyadi said at the interview. The group is now in the process of entering the P1 well, and expects this to produce at least 100 bpd in the first quarter.

Besides this, GSS Energy is also working to modernise decades-old wells previously drilled by the Dutch. Out of the 24 old wells, it has identified three to four wells that are still in good condition, and plans to start production from two of them next year.

The first, TRB-03, should produce 70 bpd by the second quarter of next year. The second, TRB-06, will produce 30 bpd by the third quarter. These wells have a record of delivering up to 640 bpd in the past, said GSS Energy.

Hence, in all, the group will probably be producing 200 bpd of crude oil a day by the third quarter of 2018, said Mr Yeung.

By the fourth quarter, GSS Energy also expects to be able to monetise the gas output from SGT-01, which would provide a huge boost to its total oil and gas production.

"So far Pertamina has been extremely happy with us," said Mr Yeung. "I think we're the fastest company to have gone from award to drilling, and very soon to production."

GSS Energy may choose to accelerate its drilling programme to work on more old wells, he added, noting that since these were shallow wells the capital expenditure requirements were lower.

For now, it has planned a capital expenditure budget of US$5.1 million for next year. If the firm were to conduct seismic surveys - mandatory if it were to update its resources and reserve base - that would require another US$2.5 million.

But the group also hopes to pump oil and gas revenue back into production, making it a self-funding project, said Mr Yeung.

Shares in GSS Energy last traded at 15.6 Singapore cents. Trading in the counter was halted on Tuesday morning, pending this announcement. The shares will resume trading on Thursday morning.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wilmar - Unrealised Profits $1395

Received this Whatsapp trade record earlier from one of my student. He longed Wilmar and the price rose to a high of 3.19 today steady and then all of sudden, the stock started to suffer some selling and recovered again. Wilmar is a commodities stock and hence it's flushy with fluctuations and up down. With 35 lots, he is currently up $1395 in profits but the stock close not day high today so I am not sure if he was still swinging this trade or not. Nevertheless, it's still based on what I taught in the class and using the strategy to find the right stock and entry point. Congrats.

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Allied Tech - 1 Lot Marker, Profited $1000+

There was indeed some 1 lot marker in Allied Tech yesterday. In fact, at my talk yesterday during the free dinner session, I also shared how the 1 lot market worked and how to see the BBs perform signaling for buy order and how to see their readiness before they conduct a break out. Yesterday was such a classic example in Allied Tech where one of my student, using what I taught him in the course, spotted Allied Tech himself that the 1 lot marker was dead obvious where he went long at 0.069-0.07 and sold today with $1000+ profits. I am once again pleased to see such stealth movements can be spotted easily before the breakout. Congrats and spot the next one.

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Noble Group - Debt to Equities

Noble Group continued to run today but like I mentioned in my last Noble post, this stock is highly risky and it;s news driven. Today the stock had a good news where Noble is planning to convert their debt to equities which caused the stock to run from 0.194 to now 0.225.

There were definitely buyers and it was furious buying earlier on. Looking at the chart, there seems to be more upside to come but I am equally cautious on the impending sellers if any. Watching if Noble can reach 0.25.

I am not used to trading Noble and I stayed true to my game plan. But well, everyone has different risk appetite. Using what I shared and imparted in the course, my student was able to profit $3400+ in Noble where he went long at 0.191 and sold at 0.225 today with superb return for a 2 hours job intrday today! Congrats!! Also, he traded Midas and Noble too based on what I posted on my blog and made $1000+ yesterday itself intraday. I am just so pleased to see what I taught in the class was put into good use.

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Midas - Gap Up Today

Midas gap up today with high volume which indicated that there is some good news in the pipeline which I am not sure what is it. However, it's getting riskier to long this stock now as it has already ran up in 3 consecutive days. I will be doing a last presentation on Midas on Dec 26, one dat after Christmas where I will provide free dinner and some stock tips as Christmas present. While Midas is running like mad, Noble and BlackGoldNatural are also turning up the volume. More will be shared on my last event before the new year starts.

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A Free Dinner Event with Ronald K - Year End Closing

Last evening was great. I met many participants who turned up and I bought some dinner for everyone. I was pleased that the event was a successful one and everyone got to see how the BBs move stocks and do their markings. I shared my view on the market and how the market will turn on it's volatility soon and how to profit from the rotation using CFD and short term trading strategies. I got many requests lately to conduct more of market outlook and dinner session and hence I decided to do it one last time after Christmas on Dec 26th.

In my talk for Dec 26th, I will be giving out some hot stock tips and alerts like the recent bottom I caught in Midas and also what to look out for for the current market trend. Which sector will soon be in play and what are the signals to look out for when BBs are accumulating and performing their flushing.

For those who are interested, you can join Ronald K for a session on mingling, market outlook and dinner is on me. Registrations is below. We will be ordering food for all so please be punctual. Thank you.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Noble Group - Super Break Out

Noble Group had a good run for the whole morning. The buyers were furious and there were less sellers I guess. Unfortunately, I don't favor this counter and I won't be trading this stock even though it had a good run earlier. The risk is very high and it's high news driven as compared to other stocks. A good news was released earlier.

Personally, I hope this stock can do a turn around and fly again but looking at the chart and how it trends, it's going to take many many years and after many years, it might not even recover. I am still bearish on this counter for long term investments.

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Midas - Big Buyers Emerged

More and more Big Buyers emerged in Midas today as posted yesterday.

The stoppage at 0.089 was the real deal when the BBs collect the scripts there.

Today it gap up, followed by some mini collection and then a huge buy up where ti reached a high of 0.117. I think it's wise to lock in $ soon. The sellers will dominate soon.

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Monday, December 11, 2017

Wilmar Intl - Locked in Intraday Profits

So happy to see my students go long on Wilmar today and made $$ out of intraday trades which is very good considered I just taught him the skills over the weekend. Longed at day low and Wilmar moved 5 pips today from 3.11 to 3.16 today. Over the weekend, I not only shared about Wilmar, I shared many other counters like SembCorp Ind too where he profited from it. The market is now buoyant because of the banks and they ran quite a fair bit today. However to pick tradeable intraday counters requires skill and experienced or you will suffer sell down like Kepcorp, Cosco, Cityneon and many others.

I am happy that I picked Midas at the bottom and shared with everyone and I am also pleased that the stocks I hand picked in front of 40 students over the weekend where they took pictures, managed to see some profitable movements where the big boys bought in with big volume. I will soon take a break and stop watching market. Congrats to everyone who went long.

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Midas - Big Buyers Whacked Up

Midas had a total of 8 million shares done and mostly bought up in the last 5-7 minutes before market closed. The big buyers came in at the very last min to sweep up the shares. As good as I shared about the stoppage point at 0.089 where it hit the low, the stock indeed performed and did not tank below 0.089 which proved my observation to be correct. Congrats to those who swung the stock.

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