Thursday, December 27, 2012

Raffles Education - As Maneuver

I got to take my hats off my students. They are able to spot Raffles Education before the second leg breakout in the minute chart yesterday. The TIMING was crucial and they hit it right on the jackpot! About 9.40am yesterday, a student called for Raffles Education and I sort of looked at the chart and "endorsed" on his call because I really think the chart looks good. Why? Because there was a wash sales done last Friday and Monday which was so crucial and critical to a heavy breakout.

Looking at the time and sales as attached above, there was a sell down to create panic so that the BBs are able to buy one more time before the 2nd leg breakout in the minute chart. Like an athlete before he does his sports, he shall always do some stretching exercise to get himself warm up first before getting down to the real thing, so it's the same thing for stocks. To create a breakout, there should be either buying up activity first or small lots sell down to create a false impression of an impending breakdown before the stock starts to trend up.

As for why I "endorsed" my student's call and said that "all syndicates were coming up to conduct a rally", that was because when I scanned through the chart, I identified some wash sales activity which was so bullish like what I caught in Informatics back then at 0.078. The wash sales is the most powerful technique by any BBs before any breakouts could happen. It was so powerful that Informatics ran almost 100+% till date from 0.078 and Raffles Education ran almost 15% when it reached a day high of 0.36 intraday yesterday.

While the stock market is unfathomable and most people believe in the old adage/axiom where they say no one can tell you when a stock is breaking out at the exact timing, I put those noises and skeptics to my advantage and did the reverse. I believe everything is possible only when you believe and trust yourself.

"Always be original, be creative, be flexible, thinking out of the box and focus on the whys and hows. Never look for a successful personality and duplicate it."
Ronald K, 2012.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator