Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oceanus - A CNY Ang Bao

On Jan 25th, 2013, I gave my outlook for Oceanus. I said there was some serious hidden buying going on!

Earlier at 11.56am today, I posted on my blog to book some profits.

Now, yesterday a friend of mine called me and asked for the readiness in Contel Corp and Oceanus and I told him today it's time. Earlier in the morning when Contel ran, he became impatient as Oceanus did not participate in the breakout, so I just say it will move in the noon because my studious approach to Oceanus's chart told me that today shall be the day it breakout. Seconds before our SMS, heavy buying started to hit Oceanus as you can see the chart below. It's like some BBs were able to eavesdrop our conversation and know what we were talking (just joking). Of course when I made my call, I am one confident man or I won't blog about Oceanus hidden buying on Jan 25th, 2013.

When I made my call on Oceanus on Jan 25th, 2013, I decided to use my own personal funds to prove that Oceanus was indeed in a serious hidden buying mode, so I bought in 1000 lots to show my worthiness. What's the point of me making a good call and not executing my trades? That's like saying talk is cheap, only action counts. One can give many calls but that doesn't necessarily mean he will make money because once you hit the buy button, there will be eternal emotions running up and down.

So at 11.37am in this morning, I decided to unload my 1000 lots of Oceanus to protect profits first. I also made a blog post to all at 11.56am on my blog to all public to book some profits first because when one secures his profits, confidence will be built. This sum of money can then be rolled on to the next table. Still, my trades were within the contra period posts after posts. I know many who punted Oceanus with me and congrats to all! This breakout was definitely a CNY Ang Bao from god. Thereafter, I received many SMSes from public who previously came for my seminars and say thank you. Below is one, appreciated it!!

Which counter is next? I will reveal when I hold a gathering soon, but for now, enjoy the rewarding profits first! Watch out my blog for dates and it shall be first come first serve basis. :)

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator