Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pac Andes - What A Great Move!

On Dec 26th 2012, the SMMG Club spotted Pac Andes and of course many members punted. Yesterday the stock broke out and many were in joyous mode. Of course, with my "endorsement" of Pac Andes in the SMMG club, it spurred more buying within the members themselves when I said "good spot! chart looks good!!"

I am glad for those members in the group who punted and made $ out of it. I am also proud of my students because this time round instead of me giving calls, they are the ones doing so which leads me to believe that their skills is almost there. Once again, we had proven that we almost caught the bottom before it moved and our trades were within the T+3 contra period where our funds were not tied up. I am a TIMING person and I am a firm believer of it. Everything revolves around timing because it's the single most important intangible element that one must capture in order to be successful, one wrong move, everything is messed up.

During the Jan 16th, 2013 seminar, I will announce a collaborative work. Something that will benefit all of you if you are passion about the stock market, passion about winning or passion about punting. I had just increased and allocated more seats if you are interested, so join me and do kindly register below.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator