Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sheng Siong - The Charged Up

On Dec 18th 2012, I made a call on Sheng Siong. I said "Something is brewing in Sheng Siong. Watch it. This is a swing trade counter, not the fast punt kind."

Today the stock finally had a heavy breakout and appeared in Top Volume. When I gave the call on Dec 18th, 2012, I was confident that the BBs were performing some kind of patience waiting strategy where the traders with the ultimate patience would win the game and that's why I said, no fast punt, swing trade.

Dec 19th, 2012, the stock had a mini breakout to indicate that someone was buying and that won't be the last you see him because something was indeed brewing and a heavier breakout was imminent. Still the timing was right because if one would to buy on Dec 18th, 2012, the low was 0.52 and for the next 1 week or so, the stock DID NOT broke down to 0.515 or 0.51 which was giving indications and signals that it was still strong.

As one would expect, once again I did a valiant job of showcasing stocks before the breakout with calculating the time element without inundating the my readers with irrelevant information. A buy is a buy and a sell is a sell. There is no need for long winded explanations.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - The Big Speculator