Friday, July 14, 2017

Global Logistics - Take Over Price $3.38 from Nesta Investment Holdings

GLP after a long time and many rounds of talks and rumours, finally, the actual realization factual news is out where they would be privatized at $3.38 when it lift it's trading halt at 3pm later. There was so much speculation and risk if you see the chart properly for GLP. Many breakdowns last 2 days with so much sellers where it hit a low of 2.7 before the stock went half for 2 days and finally we can see the daylight of privatization. It's not easy for the past 3 weeks in GLP but I am happy that it's finally all over.

Update: 14/7/2017, 3:27pm

GLP finally went privatized! The stock lifted it's halt and price gap up!

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