Friday, July 14, 2017

Rowsley - 2 Lot Marking, New Discovery

As I continue to do my research, study and practice on the technique with the art of 1 lot marking, I continued to make new discovery everyday. This new discovery led me to believe that the BBs are the ones that have the financial muscle to move stocks and normally before they move, they would give some signals in the time and sales before the stock flew.

Look at the Rowsley time and sales, instead of performing the usual 1 lot marking, they performed a 2 lot marking instead. Hence, it's wise to say that the BBs for Rowsley is different from the ones we usually see. The 2 lot marking has a deep special meaning as compared to the normal 1 lot marking. From 0.069, the price rose steeply all the way to a high of 0.074 which validated the 2 lot marking. Thereafter, the 1 lot marking started to take place again and price moved again. I will be studying and executing more trades based on my new discovery but I let you know, study itself is useless and it's as good as 0 without taking the trade when you know price is going to move after your observation.

Ronald K - Market Psychologist - A Stock Market Opportunist